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BARRECA, MARC - The Empty Bridge

Palace Of Lights

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""With The Empty Bridge, Marc Barreca again exploits his distinct talent for translating landscapes into sound. The music was created in and reflects the influence of contrasting environments -- the beauty and stillness of the Cascade Mountains and the muted industrial nightscape of the Duwamish Waterway, complete with its massive, nowcondemned, empty freeway bridge. The pieces are sculpted from layers of synthesized and sampled instruments, field recordings and processed vinyl. With these sources, Barreca achieves a level of compositional sophistication that deftly combines elements of ambient, drone, noise, and sound art with contrapuntal lines running above and below the dense and shifting aural environments. Composed during a period of tranquil isolation -- isolation created by a global pandemic, a broken concrete link to the city, and a remote mountain cabin -- The Empty Bridge evokes immersive, evolving, contrasting landscapes."" - Palace of Lights.
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