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BEGOTTEN, THE - Temidden Laaghangende Wolken


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"The Begotten is the brainchild of Jürgen De Blonde (Köhn, de portables) and Brecht Ameel (Razen), who initially performed a number of shows and released a cassette under the moniker Kohier -- gleefully referencing the absurdity of Belgian tax systems and institutions. On their debut LP Temidden Laaghangende Wolken they are joined by percussionist and improv-veteran Dirk Wachtelaer (Pablo's Eye, Vanishing Pictures), who locked with De Blonde and Ameel's post-reality continuum during a recording session at Les Ateliers Claus in Brussels. In this new trio format, The Begotten weaves a stripped-down set of after-hours, trancey observations on keys, baritone guitar, and drums. Neon-lit bars are named Le Kheops or 60 Moons, streets are soaked in sheets of rain, people are staring at tax sheets and comets pass by unnoticed. Dub with tears; Temidden Laaghangende Wolken is the perfect backdrop of a strongly medicated game of Manillen during a "Derrick" rerun. Edition of 250." - Aguirre Records .
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