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CS + KREME - Snoopy

The Trilogy Tapes

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2021 repress. "Vanguard musicians have long been fascinated with the liminal state. From Richard D. James' famous experiments with lucid dreaming to the 'hypnagogic pop' movement of the late 2000s, the half-conscious zone has often been seen as a portal to unhinged creativity. Enter CS + Kreme, a Melbourne duo who have released a few low-key but excellent singles of heavy-lidded pop for the likes of Total Stasis and The Trilogy Tapes. On their debut double-LP, Snoopy, Conrad Standish and Sam Karmel make good on the promise of those early records. Across eight circuitous tracks, they transcend stylish, slo-mo electronic post-punk and arrive in an as-yet-unexplored territory with rules dictated only by their own dream logic." --Resident Advisor Features composer James Rushford and Jonnine Standish (HTRK)

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