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DEAD SEA APES - Night Lands

Feeding Tube

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Co-release with Cardinal Fuzz. "Hot on the heels of last year's drone masterpiece, The Free Territory, comes this hot bowl of noodles from Manchester's most elegantly wasted quintet. And while there might be apt comparisons to be made to some of the best current psych purveyors, the central thrill provided by these sounds makes me think of naught but prime Bay Area ballroom scene acid spew. The guitar lines unspool like electrical cables filled with acid punch, and remain crackling in the air for moments longer than you imagine they can remain afloat. The keys have a bit of a German overtone, but it's the same sort of one that led to the flash of Popol Vuh's United Artist albums (which are themselves, at heart, paeans to the Bay.) The sound here is the sort of thing true believers recall as the highest moments of Man in live concert flight. Raging, raving guitars to soak your soul once and for all. Don't fear the downpour. Revel in it." --Byron Coley, 2020" - Feeding Tube/Cardinal Fuzz.
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