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"The pieces presented on Rainbow de Nuit treat the ears to a carousel ride waltzing through a multiverse made up of surrealist puppet theaters, dramatic film noir act changes, and a mosaic of polyphonic instruments and toys alike. In other words, a score to a fable brought to life with haunting yet charming melodies and occasional hallucinatory voices reminiscent of laughter and infantile epiphanies which we hear on 'Tarzan en Tasmanie' and 'Madrigal for Lola'. This is taken a step further by Fenech, to a brief libretto of incomprehensible tongues on 'Pocarina'. Amid the mysterious and dark ('Septième Ciel' and 'Rugit Le Coeur') also lies tender and simple compositions ('Rainbow de Nuit' and 'Chevalier Gambette'), murky suspenseful melancholy ('Levy Attend' and 'Eno Ennio'), and casually slipping into pensive psychedelic backdrops ('Un Cercueil à Deux Places') -- forming a colorful blend of sounds. A world of echoes. A tale of tales. One persistent earworm that you'll likely be whistling and humming along to on a first listen." - Marionette .

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