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Feeding Tube

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"How happy we are to present the debut cassette by this new, scrambled Massachusetts trio. The Impenitents line-up includes Salem's always wonderful Andrea Pensado, whose previous releases for the label are the Without Knowing Why LP (FTR 203LP) and Los Condenados' Yeppers! LP (FTR 126LP), both of which display different aspects of berserk invention mixed with pure charm. On Lip Therapy she is in charge of vocals and some electronics. This is Erik Browns's Feeding Tube debut, although he has shared releases with folks like Belltone Suicide, Noise Nomads, and Limbs Bin while recording as Wish for Skin, Scald Hymn or one of his other various operational noise-handles. His job here involves electronics and scrap metal. Andy Kivela makes his FTR debut here as well, although his work with outfits like Graph, 23 Ensemble, and McCoy Tyner Overdrive has made him in a buzz in our ears for a while now. He handles drums for The Impenitents. The four pieces on Lip Therapy are explosive slugs of roast pork. Andrea's brilliantly destroyed vocals create the orgone haze on top, Andy's drums cover the bottom with lumpy goodness, and Erik's blastoid sonic distress inflates the middle bladder like creamy custard larded with fish hooks. The Impenitents manage to create a collage whirlwind that functions more as free rock spurt than many other similar 'noise' projects. Like Wolf Eyes, their compositions maintain a structural integrity suggesting they are playing music that actually functions in future-rockist terms. The more you listen to this stuff, the more you can begin to understand and appreciate the craft of its construction. So, I suggest you get started right now. 'Cause the full immersion flash of perception might take a while. Good lip health to you!" --Byron Coley, 2021" - Feeding Tube Records.
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