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LORD JEFF - Lord Jeff

Ecstatic Peace

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"Ecstatic Peace has been wanting to release a CD by Lord Jeff since we first heard their stray tapes and CDRs floating around the Pioneer Valley like so much spring pollen a few years back. We knew nothing about them except they had some familial connection to The Entrance Band who we were most definitely interested in, and subsequently released an amazing LP and CD by. As it turned out Ecstatic Peace founder Thurston Moore's niece Louise Erdman reported she had been singing backups in this band Lord Jeff, so Uncle T went to see them at Union Pool in Brooklyn one fine rock n' roll evening and was entirely charmed. Plans went into action to release something/anything by these cats and after many moons of them playing in front of single digit audiences they got it together to record this amazing and beautiful disc. Think the genuine heart music of Buffalo Springfield and Wooden Wand with sweet Garcia moves and a punk gleam in the eye. Chief songwriter Sean Goggins is a gentle force of inspiration and his sound and vision are captured lovingly by the legendary Justin Pizzoferrato (J Mascis, T Moore, Fat Worm of Error etc.)." - Ecstatic Peace.

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