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SANTTANA, LUCAS - Sem Nostalgia

Mais Um

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"First ever vinyl pressing outside of Brazil. Originally released in 2011. A modern electro-acoustic masterpiece of acoustic guitars and voices featuring Arto Lindsay. Equal parts Tom Zé and Thom Yorke, Lucas Santtana is one of Brazil's most interesting, dynamic and experimental singer-songwriter/producers. He is the first artist signing to new UK-based Brazilian record label Mais Um, who's much-acclaimed debut release Oi! A Nova Musica Brasileira charted a sonic snapshot of the most exciting new Brazilian music. With the help of long-term songwriting partner Arto Lindsay, Lucas has breathed new life into the Brazilian music institution that is "voz e violão." To achieve different sonic results, the tracks were co-produced by Lucas and collaborators. Berna Ceppas is responsible for the atmospheric and minimalist mood of "Nature #1 In Mi Maior" and "Hold Me In," where the noise of a missed note echoes through the space, as if on purpose. "Who Can Say Which Way" was produced by Chico Neves, and so was "Ripple Of The Water," recorded late at night, inside the woods of Rio De Janeiro's Botanical Gardens. Gustavo Lenza and Lucas Martins produced the sound collages of "Super Violão Mashup" while "king-of-the-mash-up" DJ João Brasil produced the sounds for the frenetic "Violão De Mario Bros." Buguinha Dub lent his effects to "Amor Em Jacumã" and "Cira, Regina E Nana," as did Rica Amábis in "Recado Pro Pio Lobato." Arto Lindsay, Lucas Santtana's usual partner, co-wrote "Hold Me In," "I Can't Live Far From My Music" and the beautiful, '70s-infused "Night-Time In The Backyard." When the concept overshadows the music, a conceptual record can be in danger of needing an instruction booklet in order to make any sense, yet this is not a threat here. Sem Nostalgia stands on its own, independent from the concept that built it." - Mais Um .
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