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Confront Recordings

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"Imagination is central to the connection between the audience and these performers. What enthralls me is how the music can be approached in so many different ways. Sometimes I will listen whilst visualizing the creation of some vast abstract painting; Mark Wastell's chimes conjuring yellow flashes of light offset by electric color washes from Rhodri Davies's e-bowed harp, and organic surface textures brought to life through Burkhard Beins's found objects interacting with the surface of a meticulously mic'd drum skin. Or another day, let the imagination run free as the sound embraces you, as if being driven through a new city in a country and culture previously unexplored. Senses heightened, taking in sights and sounds never before encountered, unsure as to what lies around the next corner." --David J. Nibloe (from the booklet notes) Recorded at Cafe OTO, London on March 2, 2020 by Shaun Crook. Personnel: Burkhard Beins - amplified percussion; Rhodri Davies - amplified lap harp; Mark Wastell - dual 32" past tam tams, gongs, Nepalese singing bowls." - Confront.

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