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SERVILE SECT - Realms Of The Queen

Ecstatic Peace

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"After being completely blown away by Servile Sect's first limited release CD Stratospheric Passenger (on the amazing Sounds of Battle and Souvenir Collecting label) we requested to release it as an LP. It proved to be one of the more significant releases in the marginal world of sci-fi centric black metal. commented, 'It's easy to forget time with this band and let yourself slip down that dark tunnel of astral travel as their music sweeps you away.' And raved, 'Texture is the guiding focus, as the pair generates an astonishing range of sounds bundled in so many palatable and complimentary compositions that the brilliance of each is absorbed seamlessly into the whole, and the whole a fantastic story.' We asked Servile Sect, who we only know as a mysterious duo hailing possibly from Northern California and somewhere deep in Brooklyn, to allow us to unleash a newly recorded CD. Realms of the Queen is an astonishing furtherance of these men's strange and lonesome rage pealing from the bowels of a god-forsaken earth to the endless scree of the cosmos. An essential document for anyone investigating the forbidden zones of elusive black thought." - Ecstatic Peace.

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