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T.M.A.- 1 - Screech!

Ready To Rock

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Industrial electronic rock trio from Christchurch, New Zealand.
Active 1991 to 1994."

Recorded between August 1993 & February 1994 on a Fostex X-26. Engineered by Wright except 'Ruptured' & 'Watching You' engineered by Robinson & 'Detritus II' engineered by Sarah Nicol. Remixed by Wright December 2012
Originally available on KRKRKRK CASSETTES as KRK005 in 1994.

RICHARD CALDER: bass, guitar, percussion, keyboard, tea, politics
PETER WRIGHT: guitars, bass, keyboard, programming & engineering, tapes, voice
JAEMZ ROBINSON: keyboard, bass, guitar, slide guitar, programming, tapes, voice

SARAH NICOL: scream, production
DAVID KHAN: words & voice on 'Junkyard'
Limited edition of 150.

"A prolific New Zealand musician, Peter Wright founded the kRkRkRk label with Jaemz Robinson in 1992, and later created his own Apoplexy imprint in 1998. Working in groups and on his own, past and present projects associated with Wright include TMA-1, leonard Nimoy, Bent Gastropod Omnibus, DiS, Brainlego, Polio, Noise/Horror Collision, Coitus, Flinch, Atonal Death, CM Ensemble, The Beautiful Losers, Oh Mental Hospitals and Hi-Asobi. Between 2003 and 2008, Wright resided in London England. Returning to New Zealand in 2008, he currently lives in Lyttelton, where he continues to release material under his own name on a variety of international labels."Between late 1991 & late 1994 this iconoclastic trio (J-mz Robinson, Peter Wright & Richard Calder) subverted pop music mores with an unsurpassed wit & originality. Much more than a punk band with a drum machine, TMA-1's embracing of technology, accident & the home recording ethos led to the creation of an enthralling body of music which has influenced kRkRkRk ever since." - Peter Wright bio on Discogs.



"... Self deprecating satire was an enduring feature of TMA-1. Always broke, always on the fringes of a local music scene with the usual quota of self-important, self-deluded musos trying to make it - in retrospect the trio can be viewed as an almost necessary undermining & subversion of that scene.Politics, however, was never TMA-1's primary focus. Making music (or even just a fucking racket) was always the main aim of the group. To some degree (& like so many other kRkRkRk projects), their music functioned as a release valve against the pressures of living amidst the stifling conformity of a small, middle class city like Christchurch. Yet playing & recording music was also enormously satisfying for its own sake. TMA-1's DIY philosophy, their intuitive & spontaneous attitude towards creating music & their enthusiasm for the possibilities of technology (especially the malfunctioning kind) has remained with kRkRkRk to this day." -  David Kahn, 2004.

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