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VA - De Nor 2020

Ultra Eczema

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"Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, De Nor had no choice but to free all its prisoners -- even the jazz ones --and shut its gates. But the red beacon shall shine again! Until such a time, Ultra Eczema asked some of the artists who were booked to play there this summer to submit a piece for this new publication in lieu of their cancelled performance. This compilation LP contains tracks by Lori GoldstonHieleAgnes HvizdalekNubotsJustine GrilletThurston MooreSami BergoldPossessed FactoryStacksDavid EdrenAaron Dilloway & Lucrecia DaltKa BairdBen BertrandMiauxLorie Bevins, and C.O.P.. The release is housed in a deluxe dye cut linen sleeve and comes with an insert and a mini Nor cut out made by Gerard Herman. De Nor is a sculpture -- pavillion in the grounds of the Middelheim Museum conceived and designed by Dennis Tyfus and FVWW Architecten. In peace time it hosts concerts, lectures, and various presentations throughout the summer." - Ultra Eczema.


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