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JOHANSSON, HENRIK - Ellipticiteter


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""This is the debut CD of a young Swedish composer as his own name. His electronica/breakbeats stuffs are appeared on Leaf(UK) and Plug Research(USA). New kind of minimalistic audio collage." "Lo-watt emittance from this complete unknown (who is either a huge Metallica/Black Grape fan or a resident of Socklot, Finland who died on June 4, 1764 -- depending on which face of HotBot you trust) in a now-familiar (tolerable) ear-'gainst-the-speaker test of your inner ear canal. Wouldn't be out of place on Raster/Mego (although he's about two years too late...) except for those Mortal Kombat bits. The pick of the litter. 12 tracks over 62 minutes." -- Hrvatski." - Meme .
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