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ROCHESTER FOLK ART GUILD - Three Musicians - Music From The Rochester Folk Art Guild

Rochester Folk Art Guild

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Double CD release. Includes "Three Musicians" LP 1977 and "Reflections Cassette" from 1981. Instrumentation includes, flute, dulcimer, cymbalom, tenor recorder, dombak, dholak, daff, voice, bells and gongs. Made by a community that still exists today.
"The Folk Art Guild is an intentional community and craft center located in the heart of the Finger Lakes in Middlesex, NY. For over 50 years, Guild artisans have been producing fine crafts including pottery, woodworking, weaving, natural fiber clothing and folk toys. Membership includes both non-residents and residents. Residents live on-site year-round, sharing meals and working together in an effort to live more sustainably." -Rochester Folk Art Guild

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