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SNOOKS - Unfinished Business

Enabling Works

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"Available now is the much belated debut album of SnoOks, a selection of No Wave Synth Beat with spoken word and vocals, by Eric Svensson and the late Jim Shepard.   
In the early 80's, when Jim was composing for his bands Vertical Slit and Skullbank, he got in touch with Eric (aka Doktor Liborius) who inspired him with his fresh experimental music and Jim suggested it could be a vehicle for his lyrics. They started exchanging recordings via mail, between Sweden and the US. Jim was ambitious about the collaboration, performed many of the selections live on stage on several occasions, and some drafts appeared on his solo albums later on. One could argue that he saved some of his most poetic work for this project. The release of an album was discussed, but it never happened as Jim went on to focus on his group V-3, and the SnoOks business was left unfinished. 
This is the first official release with Jim Shepard since 1998, digitalized from the original tapes, remixed, remastered, and DMM pressed onto 140gr vinyl. A download code is included." - Enabling Works.  

'Doktor Liborius never met Jim Shepard. In 1977, a fanzine article caught the attention of the young Liborius. It spoke of an auto-produced LP (remember those?) featuring experimental soundscapes and raw power. The creator of this album was a Mr. James Shepard. Liborius found his number, called and friendship immediately started to sprout...' - selection from Unfinished Business CD liner notes.
'Treenas Strobe Light Party' from the 1995 Siltbreeze LP 'Picking Through the Wreckage with a Stick)', but the majority of material found on Unfinished Business has never before seen release until now. Weighing in at a hefty 80+ minutes of live and studio recordings spread over two compact discs (one of which aurally projects you to Staches 1984 with SnoOks opening for luminary/avant-garde composer John Cale of Velvet Underground fame - the audience was baffled), this collection will intrigue and mesmerize both the casual fan and the Shepard aficionado alike." - Mental Telemetry.
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