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SUZUKI, IKKI -A Branco's Dream (Branco no yume)

Branco Label

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Ikki Suzuki is a Japanese SSW. His voice is like female voice. However, it is his natural voice.

He sings about justice and white and pure. The music may be felt very sensitive and delicately. However, his mind is very strong and is brave.Even if you cannot understand Japanese words, you may feel it because his art expression is splendid.

"Branco no yume" LP was released by private press in '76, and was pressed only 100 copies. Some many Japanese recommend this for the most splendid Japanese folk LP. All instruments are played by Ikki Suzuki.

This edition includes also English translation lyrics insert, and normal lyric insert, insert sticker. ” - Branco. CD version also available.


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