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"Italian sound artist Giulio Aldinucci returns with his fourth album on Karlrecords: Real is again a truly masterfully composed and sound-designed ambient masterpiece and a more than worthy follow-up to the critically acclaimed Borders And Ruins (2017), Disappearing In A Mirror (KR 055CD, 2018), and Shards Of Distant Times (KR 076CD/LP), which all made it onto several year's best lists. With now his fourth album for Karlrecords, the sound artist from Siena, Italy has proved a steady and prolific artist on the label roster. And each time, Giulio Aldinucci delivers a new ambient masterpiece that clearly carries his signature as composer/producer and yet reveals a slightly different approach to his modus operandi. Aldinucci's massive layers of sound, built from field recordings and an array of electronic gear, blend drone-y ambient with heavenly voices/sacred music that create an atmosphere of a consolatory melancholy -- alien, but with a graspable presence of human souls. And each album deals with a topic that Aldinucci came across in his observations of and reflections about today's society. In the words of Giulio himself: "The digital media we live with shape and define reality by filtering it, letting us run the risk of living without our personal and unique one. My new album expresses a need of something unmediated and authentic. Real is a reflection on the endless possibility of sonic transformation, the ability we have to create new realities transmuting the soundscape around us and the inner soundscape inside us, even only by imagining it. A (deep)real experience permeated by dreamy lyricism."180 gram vinyl; gatefold sleeve; includes download card." - Karlrecords.
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