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DEROME, JEAN ET LES DANGEREUX ZHOMS+7 - Plates-Formes Et Traquenards


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"'What comes through in both 'Plates-formes' and 'Traquenards' is a strong sense of overarching form and a keen ear for lyrical melodies. Themes are woven together with shrewd arrangements that make the most of the ensemble. Reeds, brass and strings play off of each other; lilting lines are stated by one instrument and shadowed by others; Hétu's percussive vocalizations and Tétreault's scratches, pops and samples are interjected, throwing the arc of the music in to unexpected detours. One moment, the ensemble floats along on an impressionistic riff; the next, the mood is fractured with jagged shards of noise. They can swing with abandon or rock out with caterwauling energy. All of this is done with a sense of playfulness rather than with distanced irony. While there are plenty of solo spots, to call out individual voices is beside the point as each member is so fully integrated into Derome's arrangements... '' -- Michael Rosenstein, March 2009" - Victo.
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