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FRITSCH, JOHANNES - Kyo Mu / Hochtoner


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"First LP release of Johannes Fritsch, long-time member of the Stockhausen Ensemble. Composed 1974, recorded 1975 at Feedback Studio Cologne "Kyo Mu"and "Hochtöner"both reveal a mesmerizing symbiosis of innovative sound exploration and visionary interior music, a sublime compound of fine-drawn intricate arrangements skillfully projected in space and time, or perhaps beyond space and time. "Kyo Mu"features: Johannes Fritsch - tape (viola, electronic and concrete sounds); Hitomi Endo- Shakuhachi; Weltmusik-Kongress, Vlotho 11.10.82 - première recording. "Hochtöner"features: Johannes Fritsch - viola, tape; Rolf Gehlhaar - percussion; David Johnson - flute, synthesizer. Gatefold sleeve; edition of 500." - Metaphon.
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