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LECH, IURY - Musica Para El Fin De Los Cantos

Wah Wah

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"This is a very serene, almost entrancing record that seems to inhabit its very own space, between 'classical' ambient music (Eno, Budd), 'systems music' (Reich, Glass, Riley, Hassell), Japanese Kankyo Ongaku (Hiroshi Yoshimura, Takashi Kokubo), even hinting at what would become 90's ambient electronica (B12, Nuron, SAWII-era Aphex Twin or the Fax +49-69/40464 label). Actually, Lech would be one of the few artists to perform at the first-ever Sonar Festival (Barcelona) back in 1994 (together with Suso Saiz, Esplendor Geometrico, Mixmaster Morris or Laurent Garnier). A key early effort from this musician and A/V artist whose career spans well over thirty years and a myriad of works, performances and installations: Art Futura, Sonar, ISEA, Ars Electrónica (Austria), Festival Videoformes (France), Festival de Nuevas Músicas (Madrid & Sevilla), Ciclo Experimental LEM (Barcelona), Knitting Factory (New York), The Korner (Taipei), Festival Pop Komm (Cologne-Germany), Festival Experimenta (Madrid), Festival DAFT at Taipei (Taiwan), ART BEIJING, Festival EXIS at Seúl (South Korea), JMAF (Tokio, Japan) or Artefact:Chernobil 33 (Kiev-Ukraine). The Wah Wah edition has been mastered from the original tapes, reproduces the original sleeve artwork and features an insert with photos and info. It is a strictly limited edition of 500 copies only."- Wah Wah Records.

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