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"Nervous + sensitive Egyptian synth wave with Arabic vocals by Panstarrs, solo project of Youssef Abouzeid who has previously appeared under different monikers such as Captain Solo or YZEID. This LP -- equal parts Suicide and Mohamed Mohie -- pushes Youssef's detached and melancholic signature sound along radical and unconventional arrangements further into bolder electronic horizons while pulverizing any notion of established verse chorus song structures. Youssef Abouzeid is a fixture of Cairo's musical underground and has been intensely active for over a decade whether via his countless musical acts -- of which, his personal project, Panstarrs is the most prolific -- or his homemade oscillator-loaded effects pedals "NMR". He is also a co-founder of the downtown Cairo independent art space, Hizz, and its affiliate cassette label. Through the years and incessantly, Youssef has not stopped refining his own idiosyncratic aesthetic and sound while going forward with his DIY activities and tours. Front cover by Hendrik Hegray. Vinyl master and lacquer cut by Frederic Alstadt, Angstrom Studio. Edition of 300." - Nashazphone.
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