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ROOTLESS - What The Truth Leaves Out

Feeding Tube

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"Rootless (or, more properly, rootless) is a solo project that's been going for better than five years now, helmed by Brooklyn's Jeremy Hurewitz. Two types of sounds are created under this banner -- low key electronics is one, and fingerpicked acoustic guitar is the other. what the truth leaves out focuses on the latter. The shared thread between these styles is a highly personal and intimate feel. When listening to rootless, you often get the sense this is music created solely for the pleasure of the artist himself. The aura of introspection is as deep as the night, so it's possible to almost feel like a voyeur while listening in. But hey, Jeremy sent us this stuff to hear, so we played it and asked him if he'd let us put it out, and like a true gentleman he agreed. The music goes in a couple of directions. Some of the pieces are patchworks of small, beautiful sonic fields. They possess mixed flashes of sunlight seen through smoke and are laced together with complete melodic threads. Other pieces are less attuned to resolution. They're more like questions left unanswered, and these questions are posed in a variety of languages. You can hear bits of Chadbournian flamenco fake-outs, circular breathing as done by fingers, and even a snippet of the wandering teacup raga if I'm not mistaken. The music of rootless manages to communicate and keep its secrets at the same time. Even when it gets abstract, there are obvious emotions powering everything. Like private performance for the public good. I'm not sure if this's driven by altruism or sheer cussedness, but whatever the root of the rootless sound, I'm a fan."--Byron Coley, 2022" - Feeding Tube Records.
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