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VICUÑA, CECILIA & RICARDO GALLO – La Niebla Vital, Wiraqochan


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"This first recording of Cecilia Vicuña with Ricardo Gallo was done in 2017 and features the performance of selected poems from Cecilia’s book “La Wik’uña”, published in 1990. The poems chosen for this recording deal with the wealth of knowledge from ancient Andean cultures relating it to the environmental crisis today. 

Cecilia’s unique voice, charged with echoes of indigenous chants and contemporary wit, dialogues with Ricardo’s distinct piano touch sometimes sounding like another instrument. This intimate duo continues to be a fruitful vehicle for a sonic-poetic expression that is as potent as it is ephemeral." - Hueso. Edition of 250 copies. 

"Cecilia Vicuña is a poet, artist, filmmaker and activist. Her work addresses pressing concerns of the modern world, including ecological destruction, human rights, and cultural homogenization." She has had her art exhibited at renowned museums, such as the Guggenheim, El Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Santiago, and the Pacific Film Archive. Vicuña, through her work, explores the realms of de-colonization, the ancestral, language, and revolution. 

"Colombian pianist and composer Ricardo Gallo has written for acoustic and electro-acoustic formats, short films, videos, dances, installations, multimedia stage productions, and has performed and written for improvisatory groups. He has published twelve albums as a leader and his music has appeared in several compilations in Colombia, USA, and Europe. Ricardo's compositions explore elements of music from his native country of Colombia, allowing for a great deal of improvisation, interaction, and a diverse array of sonorities."

Pictures of the artist and her multimedia art depicted above.

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