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ARTHUR MAGAZINE- #27 December 2007


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FREE WITH $20+ DOMESTIC LP ORDER "On the cover: Celebration. Features: It's Coming Down Baby!: Erik Davis catches up with Sir Richard Bishop -- gypsy picatrix, ex-Sun City Girl and guitarist extraordinaire; The Way of the Riff: Six Organs of Admittance's Ben Chasny and Om's Al Cisneros manifest music, vibration and camaraderie. Ben can truly call him Al.; Not All Humans Are Bad: I.F. 'Ian' Svenonius files a field report on Baltimore psychedelic soul rock n' roll band Celebration; The Sodfather: Daniel Chamberlain talks shit with California's rhyming sultan of sod, Tim Dundon; This Punk House: Photographer Abby Banks drove across America, visiting spaces occupied by groups of youngish refuseniks who've left behind America's grey gridlife. Here's what she found, in an exclusive excerpt from her new book, Punk House. Plus: Douglas Rushkoff, Applied Magic(k), non-toxic cleaning tips from Molly Frances, Plastic Crimewave reviews three new books from Process on the 13th Floor Elevators, Moondog and Father Yod/Ya Ho Wa 13/The Source Family; Bull Tongue, C&D, comics."- Arthur.
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