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BUFMS - Induced Musical Spasticity


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"Induced Musical Spasticity commemorates the nascent pollination-in the musty shadows of the real ersatz Sherwood Forest, a couple hundred miles north of San Francisco-of the BUTTECOUNTY FREE MUSIC SOCIETY, an apocryphal institution that encouraged anything and nothing, in musical and amusical contexts, sometimes intentionally, sometimes because no one knew any better or cared. Includes highbrow concept tracks by THE MARQUES (brothers COLE and STEVE MARQUIS), UNLIKELY MODERNISTS, AMBIVALENT DOSAGE, DILWHIP, HYPNAGOGIC JERK, HALLUCINATORY COMPANION (aka BARBARA MANNING and Cole Marquis). Ripe dementia by LAWRENCE CRANE & JOHN YOUNG, TOPS INC., RORY LYONS, ZIPLOK, SIDNEY AFRIKA, THE CONDUITS, LUCIAN TIELENS, and RICHARD STREETER. And then youve got primitard rock dunt by THE FLAMBOYANT OFFALS, WALKING JOCK, DEAD BOY 3, and shockingly raw 28TH DAY material that predates most anyones idea of the original lineup of that influential band. THE BRENT LEWIIS ENSEMBLE pollutes the lions share of real estate with a side-long tape cut-up a la Faust Tapes called Goat Embryo (Covered With Glue)," and their entire Industrial Barbecue set. Two-thirds of the material here was previously released (translation: a few dozen cassettes were dubbed one at time and passed through the hands of people in the same rural Northern California area code 25 years ago). All the relics in this boxset are likely unheard by anyone not specifically mentioned above." -BUFMS

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