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"For this new gollaboration the French combo GOL confronts the British drums legend Charles Hayward for a rough/delicate and intense/mellow paradoxical music delight. The studio side compiles four improvised sessions exploring some possible oblique acceptations of the word rock, while the live side recorded at 104, Paris, in Dec 2008 during the Sonic protest festival, takes the encounters into the realm of psychedelia. The apparently chaotic home-made electronics of GOL find a perfect counterpoint in Haywards This Heat-ish incomparable kickass-snare-cymbals style machinery of straightforward beats meet subtle and continuously reinvented variations. A touch of pop, gamelans from afar, an unexpected song underlined by a frenetic electric organ, make this LP a surprising journey into sonic explorations. GOL was formed in 1988 in Paris by Jean-Marcel Busson, Fr_ɬ©d_ɬ©ric Rebotier, Ravi Sharda and Samon Takahashi. On this record GOL play modified synths, modified organ, bass guitar, home-made electronics, SH101 and crackle box. This LP is the third in the gollaboration series after records by GOL with Dumitrescu/Avram and with Charlemagne Palestine. The very minimal sleeve features a four color reversible double front side with sinister photo portraits of Charles Hayward and the GOL members. Black and white inner sleeve with title tracks and liner notes. Edition limited to 350 copies." - Planam.

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