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"Drinking Belgian beer in a moist cellar after an exhausting night might be the best situation to jump on the instruments that surround you and gig over and over again until you barely find the way to gather your legs together and improve the tricky exercise of wasted walking. This is what seems to have happened that frozen night of September 19th, 2009 when Dave Nuss (No Neck Blues Band, Sabbath Assembly) wrung from his Amolvacy concert and accompanied by mate Mik Quantius (Embryo), accepted GOLs perverse invitation to pursue the darkness of Brussels while abusing the aforementioned liquid. Warped and deep bass lines support the disturbed vocalisms and spontaneous words of Mr. Quantius, shaped by a shamanistic, percussive Nuss, while the crispy electronics and various instruments by the French GOL combo reach out for a "blues" extravaganza that says it all with lyrics such as "I have sex on Christmas" or "Tomorrow maybe not." Gollaboration No.5, recorded at 2:00 a.m. by Yann Leguay. LP cover and insert with drawings by Mattia Denisse, give a hint of this twisted and skittish psychedelic must-have. One-time pressing edition limited to 300 copies." - Planam.

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