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ROOTS OF MADNESS - The Girl In The Chair

De Stijl

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"1971 heavy private press free blues/psych from the left coast cortical geo zone of the US underground chain spearheaded by Don Campau and essentially the Californian amalgam of the Gate 5 as ESP disk punk/jazz 3rd eye. A higher key farrago of hypercosmic extended runs that oscillate between the tubular philosophy of the Sun City Girls sound/art and the aloneness of stoned blues concrete. A refreshing lost artifact of pure American fizz resurrected from the iconoclasm void and perfectly reissued in a joint effort from De Stijl and Child Of Microtones. An essential LP for anyone concerned with the paramount energy fields of all the above ground sound subterrains". - De Stijl. Highly recommended! Tons of Roots Of Madness and related CDRs also available from us on Dons label, Lonely Whistle Music. 

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