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SAPROPELIC PYCNIC - See Sun Think Shadow

Perfect Wave

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"Edition of 200. Sapropelic Pycnic is the solo project of Kathleen Baird of long running avant psych project Spires That In The Sunset Rise. See Sun Think Shadow is a collection of piano improvisations that bring to mind the playful, spacious qualities of Emahoy Tsegu_ɬ©-Maryam Gu_ɬ®brou, the unrestraint of Cecil Taylor, the rolling arpeggiations of Alice Coltrane, and the ghostliness of Arvo P_ɬ§rt.\r\n
\r\nOn this debut release See Sun Think Shadow Baird releases eight tracks performed on a Steinway Grand in December of 2011 in a church in her hometown of Decatur, Illinois recorded just days before her fathers passing on December 30, 2011. These improvisations have a raw focus of emotional intensity and calm that premiere Bairds classical piano training with her very own style of punctuation, spacing and repetition." - Perfect Wave.\r\n
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