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SEA DONKEYS - Live At The S.S. Marie Antoinette


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"The Sea Donkeys 2nd long player is here. All it took to make it happen was to start their own label. Enter Assophon Records, The Sea Donkeys in-house publishing empire is born. asso-001 Live at the S.S. Marie Antoinette LP is the culmination of a sound only dreamt of by todays cognoscenti. This record does not belong to any scene or movement or marketable new buzz word. This record is without geography. It is about songs! Imagine the Godz (ESP-Disk vintage) recording at the Smegma studios. Or the Velvets in Brazil. Imagine just imagine. This record is a blend of seductive pastoral folk rock tunes, free jazz reveries, shimmering strum drone, and unhinged rock!" -Assophon. Edition of 400.

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