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SECRET ABUSE - Immeasurable Gift


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"The Immeasurable Gift_¢?¬ù is a testament to cathartic possibilities and the role of creation/release as a means of understanding._Ç Recorded throughout the past three years in a variety of locations and personal moments; encapsulated by a common, unrelenting concern. Beautifully delicate, elegiac melodies concealed within curtains of dense electronic ambiance reveal themselves like the light at the end of the tunnel; a signifier of the temporary vessel form. Balancing recklessness with care and_Ç coming to terms with the inevitable; encountering the man on the shoulder, reminding us that we are all just weary travelers._Ç In an edition of 425 records in full color pro-printed cardboard jackets with printed labels and an insert; all design by Jeff Witscher". -Arbor

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