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SPACIN - Deep Thuds


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Second pressing with alternate artwork - an eyeball in between the lips. 

"Debut LP from SPACIN, the newly formed Philadelphia act thats bringing together kick-flippers, arm-wrestlers, and hackey-sackers in head-nodding, beer swilling unity. Inhales the same fumes that fuel the Velvets workout at the gymnasium, the Stooges sleazy-fuzz with Asheton on guitar, and the groovy zen of Nigeria 70." - Richie.

"The first pearl bestowed upon us in the form of a side project from Philadelphias finest gnarled-out Psych trio Birds of Maya was guitarist Mike Polizzes Purling Hiss, and now we have bass player Jason Killinger with his very killer and very screwy new project, Spacin. Originally a basement-only solo thing consisting of Killinger playing guitar through a pyramid of amps accompanied by a drum machine, Spacin has started to squeak itself above ground and into the barrooms of the city with a fully functioning lineup. The dude doesnt even need the drum machine anymore; hes got his wife Eva pounding the skins! Sneak previews of their upcoming debut full-length Deep Thuds, shows a unit who knows the economic gain to be had from a good, hypnotic riff. For those who have ever gotten lost for days in the strains of the Velvet Undergrounds "Sister Ray," Jonathan Richmans "Roadrunner," Hawkwinds "Silver Machine" or even Deep Purples "Space Truckin," repeated listening to Spacin is required in excessive doses." - Tony Rettman, Philadelphia Weekly.

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