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SUKORA - oeo


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"Chris Sienko made me want this when he described how for a while he played this record every morning at 7AM when he got up for work and read e-mail. If you know what Sukora does -- ultra-quiet sound stuff -- that might make sense to you. Kinda puts you in that meditative early morning zone, yknow? The cool thing about Sukora is that he doesnt sound like he's doing it digitally at all, just like literally rustling paper a few feet away from microphone. You know how he listed his instrumentation in Muckraker #9: I use old cassette recorders, paper, destroyed Macintosh, old records players, and something." You can pretty easily miss this LP while it's on. In fact, the first time I put it on in the morning before work, the coffee maker alone was drowning it out. Then the heater kicked on and it was all over. So you might wanna find just the right setting in which to spin it. Try it right after the Screaming Mee-Mees!" - Blastitude: Issue 12, 2002.

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