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VAMPIRE BELT - Unfit Structures

Hermit Hut

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"Formed in 2002 in Western Massachusetts, Vampire Belt is Bill Nace (Body / Head, x.o.4, Ceylon Mange) on guitar and electronics and Chris Corsano (Rangda, Joe McPhee, Evan Parker) on drums and electronics. Early on, they self-released a couple of ultra-limited CDRs of lo-fi blow-outs, something like a mangled car wreck at the intersection of hardcore and free jazz. Tours followed and then, in the early/mid 00s, Nace and Corsano partially phased out of Vampire Belt duomode in favor of collaborations with people like Jessica Rylan, Paul Flaherty, Steve Baczkowski, Okkyung Lee, Greg Kelley, Mats Gustafsson, Thurston Moore, Dredd Foole and Bill Orcutt. But in 2014 they made good on a nine year-old promise to Ben Six Organs of Admittance Chasny to record a Vampire Belt album for his label. Unfit Structures, Vampire Belts first LP, comes via Chasnys Hermit Hut label and its not such a far cry from their obliterating early CDRs: high-energy improvised outbursts with spontaneously structured forms imploding just as soon as they begin to solidify". - Hermit Hut.

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