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VAN ACKER, LUC - VPRO RadioNome December 18 1981

Enfant Terrible

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"Luc Van Acker is all except an obscure musician. Already from his solo records in the early 80s he has been building a name for himself as a multi talented musician and performer. While his early works are rather experimental he later joined forces with other musicians (who have become famous with bands like Front 242 and Ministry) to create a more rock orientated industrial / electronic act called Revolting Cocks. \r\n\r\nThe session on this record is from 1981 and thus a very early piece of music in the discography of Luc Van Acker. For this occasion he performed with live electronics, a violin and various other gadgets and tools. The music must be seen as somewhere in between old style industrial music (thus experimental) and modern classical music.\r\n\r\nThis live performance takes the listener from rhythmic pieces into more soundscape like baths of sound and was done as part of the legendary RadioNome radioshow broadcasted by the VPRO in the early 80s. The session has been tranfered from the original tape and is edited and re-mastered to make it available for a new audience. The liner notes have been written by Luc Van Acker himself". - Enfant Terrible. Limited to 520 copies.

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