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VENROOY, ESTHER - Shift Coordinate Points


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"K9 moved back into the combat area _¢?? Standing now in the Chinese\r\nyouth sent the resistance message jolting clicking tilting through\r\nthe pinball machine _¢?? Enemy plans exploded in a burst of rapid\r\ncalculations _¢?? Clicking in punch cards of redirected orders _¢??\r\nCrackling shortwave static _¢?? Word falling _¢?? Photo falling _¢??\r\nBreak through in Grey Room _¢?? Pinball led streets _¢?? Free doorways _¢??_¢?¬ù In 1997, British maverick label Irdial-Discs collected a selection\r\nof so-called numbers stations or spy stations recordings under\r\nthe title The Conet Project. This plays like a best of of more\r\nthan 30 years worth of secret radio and contains fragments of\r\nAmerican, German, Swedish and Russian transmissions.\r\nBelgian composer Esther Venrooy was given permission to work with\r\nthe material and for the occasion of the celebration of 75 years\r\nof Belgian radio created a highly personal interpretation of the\r\nmediums secret history. Using manipulated sound and collage\r\ntechniques she manages to distill an abstract poetry of sounds\r\nand thereby succeeds in extracting some meaning out of these\r\nhermetic transmissions." - Entracte. Highly recommended! Limited to 300 copies.

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