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Ultra Eczema

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"Wout Vercammen (1938) is a highly influential visual artist from Antwerp, Belgium. A nonstop performer since the early 50s, described by Ludo Mich as the Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde from Antwerp. A tight dressed dandy, going bananas every night, and looking as tight and clean the morning after. He has been inspiring the Belgian underground art scene for more than fifty years. He was the youngest artist making real paintings at the end of the fifties. Abstractionism reduced to one gesture. One sweep. One movement of the sword. One twirling horizon. Pulling Hokusai into space and time, Vercammen organized and executed the very first happenings in Belgium in the early sixties. Great collages, the only real pop artist in Belgium, latex word paintings, pneumatic forms before someone else got bigger with it. Always on the move. The way Wout Vercammen acts, performs, talks and moves is perfectly captured on this LP! When living in Antwerp, chances are you witnessed a Wout Vercammen performance without even realizing it, this is possible at any given moment. Smuggling jenever into prison, painting the copper dome of the Carolus Borromeus church white, filling blue garbage bags with air, and especially howling like a wolf, primitive throat singing and using the whole bar as a percussive instrument! Wout Vercammen changes reality, and makes it a tiny bit better. This record is a collection of accidently recorded moments and a composition of a black, a yellow and a red paint bucket all shook up through a synth and a 4 track! All varying from percussive punk primitive madness comparable to Kommisar Hjuler, a strange conversation in a garden to soundpoetry, howling and screaming. I am absolutely psyched to release this, as Wout Vercammen along with Ludo Mich has always been my favorite Antwerp psycho! Reminiscent of Ludo Mich, Kommisar Hjuler, the Vienna Actionists, Hans Krusi. The LP comes in a offset printed sleeve with pictures of the artist, an insert with more pictures and liner notes by art critic Hans Theys! Limited to 400 copies". -Ultra Eczema

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