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VERTONEN - Fait A La Machine


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"40+ min of heavy machinery pounding, hissing, and vibrating, plus a bonus 63 minute CDR of the dronier side of machines at work. If you enjoy artists like Vivenza, Matt Heckert, early Esplendor Geometrico, or Chop Shop, this might be right up your alley. Edition of 300, hand numbered and signed." - C.I.P.

"Following the various releases Vertonen did on the subject of machines, CDRs and cassettes, I think this is best work so far. On the LP they pieces are shorter than on his CDRs and cassette releases and perhaps more to the point as a result of that. Vertonen taped his field recordings at industrial sites and puts them together as collages of various machine sounds. It sounds like Vivenza - perhaps - but then with the real deal...The only best next thing is working on the conveyer belt yourself." - Vital Weekly.
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