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VINTER - Vinter II


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Edition of 266 copies on vinyl with screenprinted covers and an insert. From the liner notes: ...these new songs weren't found in one place, they didn't just flow from some horn of plenty, they were slowly plucked like flowers along the road-side, dried in the sun and put next to each other in an album that grew in the months that followed that first session, while winter turned into spring, and spring into summer. ... some turned out to be small gems of a song that belie their impromptu origins, others wear their spontaneous creation proudly like a crown of fallen petals. Some are kalimba and banjo back of the woods folk music, others two chord pop songs with pump organ or plucked cello. ... and Martinas sad, gentle, shimmering vocals fill the room from end to end, every little nook and cranny, with a language of vaguely familiar words, whose sense is obscured like something seen through an old broken and dusty window-pane. This new record is another spell-book of the fey and brittle magic that Vinter cast upon the listener..." Vinter collaborated with Lau Nau on last years Maailmas LP released on Tjarnen .
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