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VIZUSA - Vizuza


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"Caitlin Cook and Calder Martin, formerly vocalist/players in EXCEPTER, resurface as a rock duo with Martin weaving holographic guitar riffs around Cooks wails and gloomy poems. The pair spent two years living in the skylight studio of the historic Matthew Brady Daguerreotype Building at 359 Broadway NYC, recording in the same vaulted rooms where Abe Lincoln, Felicita Vestvali, Edgar Allan Poe, Frederick Douglas, and Sitting Bull voluntarily screwed their heads into iron stabilizers in order to be photographed. The resulting album conveys a falsely two-sided pattern of epic American triumph, contemplative groovyness, and crumbling disaster in the guise of hyperactive fun. Cameo drum appearances blast through at key moments, courtesy of Spencer Herbst (Matta Llama), Nathan Corbin (Excepter), and the inimitable Fiz. Released on SERES, a longstanding label cohort of the NO-NECK BLUES BAND. At the right volume, the crackle of the amps will make your ass ripple". - Seres.

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