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VOLCANO THE BEAR - Hotbite Live At The Nightlight

Blastocoel Sound

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LIMITED TO 100. "Hand-printed sleeves made by Matt Hart. Three men came to Chapel Hill in late November of 2006 to spread their sounds: the show happened to fall on a holiday and Aaron Moore, Daniel Padden and Clarence Manuelo played to a small crowd of fifteen or so folks in the friendly confines of the Nightlight Bar and Club. What ensued was an unfolding carpet woven from waves of tape, twang and beating of objects. The old piano even got in on the action - the floor was played and, as the gentlemen sang, the books lining the walls seemed to hum back. This was one of only four shows that the chimera-like trio shared in the fall of 2006. The LP was mastered by Kev Reverb. - Blastocoel Sound.

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