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CAROLINER - Transcontinental Pinecone Collector

Bulls Hit

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The 14th album by the planets premier 19th century noisecore \r\nband continues along the lines of the previous years epic Wine \r\nCant Do It, Wife Wont Do" double LP, employing all available \r\ntechnologies from tape deck with microphones, to the 48-track \r\nstudio option! From symphonic swells to flea circus ragtime, their \r\nstrummy woodchip fumble-tongue banjo and trademark bizarre \r\ncollage-style cuts get even more intricate as the singing bull memorial \r\nband goes past the 21 year mark. The vocals are all over the place from\r\nhigh sing-song folk from the inside of the moon to the screaming \r\ngargoyle of the flip-over barn. Some of the faster songs you can thrash \r\nto, some of the slower songs wheat-thrash you. Each LP is hand-\r\nassembled, with handpainted artwork and complete lyric sheet, this time \r\nalso featuring wallpaper samples." - Bulls Hit.

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