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COCKC' NELL - Re-Incarnation


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"Following the reissue of the 1st album and live album, the long-awaited new album is a new album by the band. In addition to the current lineup, Koji Shishido and Hideki Yamagiwa of Circumcision will participate as guests. The quality of the new songs played alongside the well-known representative songs such as "Rebirth", "One Minute" and "Shonen no Ki" is extremely high. The Fukusuke band of the 21st century, which is completely integrated with modern electronics, shines with dignity. Live Recorded at Kichijoji Star Pine's Cafe." - Inundow.

Cockc' Nell is a "Japanese new-wave rock band, formed by Yoichiro Ikeda in 1980. The group released two albums and a live 7" EP before disbanding. They reformed in 2002."
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