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00 ACTION GROUP - Numero 1

Reality Delay

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"'Numero 1' is the latest extension of form-panic out of New York City. A called-up dialogue taken apart and reservoir-ing members of The Utter Nots, Electroputas, Grey Daturas, et slippery all. As innominate reptiles of sincere and elusive resistance. 00AG - a union of SOS glam and barren poetics - malfunctioning and decrepit gear.

No batteries - fuck you 00AG - whatever you want together.
Paris Dakar Paris

This Reality Delay edition of 'Numero 1' comes as a double cassette packaged in hand-decorated VHS boxes, each unique collaged. Limited to 25 copies. Includes DL Code.

Reality Delay is a DIY label releasing NYC made music in small hand made editions, and is affiliated with Abasement, the monthly experimental music club that operated between 2015-2020 in the basement of Manhattan's Max Fish." - Reality Delay.

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