A BAND - April Twelfth Nineteen Ninety-Two

Music Mundane

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Vintage 70+ minutes 15 piece A Band session, recorded straight to 2-track cassette in 1992. Performers include A-stalwarts like Sticky Foster, Stewart Walden, Neil Campbell, Jim Plaistow and Vince Earimal alongside some less familiar names. The session opened w/ a driving rock piece in tutti, then devolved into a series of solo, then duo, then trio, quartet, etc pieces, w/ performers and their respective instruments drawn out of a hat. Then to close, a 35 minute concert-style piece called Just past not-too-boring" where performers started playing one at a time, entering the recording room a minute each apart (order was again decided by pulling names out of a hat), and then once everyone was in there, departing in the order they entered (no idea how we organised this, but listening to the tape it seems to have worked). During this last piece, Will Irvine was obviously bored by playing music, so decided hed try to undress and grope as many people as possible, as a kind of disruptive element. Sounds like the beginnings of a comedy gay sex orgy on the tape, w/ Sticky commentating in his own inimitable style." -N. Campbell/ Music Mundane.

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