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Bahn Mi Verlag

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Edition of 300. "The second in a series of split LPs attempting to bridge the gap between an older generation of composers and a younger crop of experimental musicians, preceded by the 2014 split LP between Wandelweiser composer Michael Pisaro and electronic musician Matthew Sullivan, the most recent Bánh Mì Verlag LP is a new piece from former Razors & Medicine label head and Providence, RI resident Luke Moldof and one from Austrian composer and Wandelweiser associate Peter Ablinger. Ablingers piece is 2012s “22 Kanons für Peter Lackner” for 6 pianos, a series of prolation canons in which each pianist listens to his or her own click track and plays the same material at different tempi. Moldofs piece “KIKI & KIKI” demonstrates his interest in field recordings by presenting a recording of two parrots (can you guess their names?) with minimal intervention on his behalf - a sine wave here, a chord there. Both pieces are exercises in the use of minimal material to achieve maximal results." - Bahn Mi Verlag.

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