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AIJALA, VELI-MATTI - Raskas Taakka


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Raskas taakka (Heavy Load) is a four part moan dealing with death in the\r\nfamily. Extremely minimal and raw electronic pulses with deep nocturnal narrations and barely there death chants create a truly hallucinatory nepitaph. It might be by far the most brutally personal statement from Veli-Matti Laja Aijala, the Finnish underground legend known for his work with groups such as Terveet Kadet, Billy Boys, The Sultans, Leo Bugariloves, Aavikon Kone ja Moottori etc. - Vauva. 2005 recordings. Hand painted, one-sided lp co-release btw Jan Anderzens (Anaksimandros, Avarus, Hevoset, Kemialliset Ystavat, Puke Eaters, etc..) Vauva label and Joteskii Groteskii (see last years Billy Boy single). Highly recommended!

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