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ALBRIGHT, CHARLES - Im Happy, Im A Genius


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Charles Albright self-released a 7 last year (2009) that knocked us out. It obviously had the same effect on Scott Soriano at S-S Records, cuz he reissued it on his own label. Its long since sold out and highly sought after. Anyhow, heres Mr. Albrights (not the serial killer, unfortunately) follow-up, a killer 7-song EP. Its a blown-out, lo-fi, catchy punk jammer with loads of hooks and sweet riffs. A couple of the tracks are experimental guitar instrumentals that give you a chance to catch your breath before picking yourself up off the ground to begin pogoing again. Charles is a big fan of Black Flag and if you are too (especially the early stuff), youll probably dig this slab." -Permanent.

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