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ALBRIGHT, CHARLES - Weight/I Am The Counter Culture (Drop Out)


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Were obviously not the only ones whove been anxiously awaiting a third record from Albright. And here it is?yet another blown-¢‚Ǩ¬êout, lo-fi, catchy punk jammer with loads of hooks and sweet riffs to complete the trifecta. Albrights still a fine young man and hes doing so well. Hes still on drugs and hes still happy hes a genius (and so are we), but hes not singing about any of that on this record. This Sacto punk has brutalized us twice before, but never quite like this. The third times definitely a charm and even though Charles is no longer a loner he is still absolutely in charge on this one. Weight finds Mr. A drumless for the first time ever, but the repetitive riff-tensity hides the lack of percussion pretty damn well on this wham-¢‚Ǩ¬êbam-thank-you-maam punker. For the B-side, Charles mustve taken a ride on the Silver Machine, but hes obviously still feeling mean, cuz the riff behind I Am The Counter Culture (Drop Out) sounds quite a bit like a certain Hawkwind jam we all know and love. But this aint no cover song, (Drop Out) stands on its own as a killer psychedelic punk number for the ages. This incredible single is limited to 300 hand-numbered copies and precedes the sure to be mind melting debut full-length due out this Fall. Turn on, Tune In, and (Drop Out) while supplies last. -Permanent

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