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"Together with Photons (KOO 002LP, 2005), Lightwaves completes the investigation of the electro archetype, documenting the Neosurrationalist bridge between art and science, that began with a dialogue in a Kreuzberg bar involving Giovanni De Donà, Paololuca Barbieri of Alterazioni Video, and physics researcher Markus Gühr, now professor and lead of the Experimental Quantum Physics group at Potsdam University in Berlin. The dissemination given by the current interpretations made by various artists, reveal the possibility of radical vibrant electro made without synthesizers, in spite of Kraftwerk's tradition. To play directly with neon lights instead of singing them, and to amplify even the invisible infrared of a remote control without fearing a T.V.O.D -- television overdose --, it's meant entering definitively into the new normality of the bruit, the rauschen, the shum, the záyīn, the new "Arte dei rumori" of the electromagnetic noise of the new millennium, revealing both the inaudible of light frequencies and also the invisible through its raw sound and potential for irreverent, chromatically-limited pulsations. The first pocket-sized Chinese solar panels are turned into photomicrophones, and with an inexpensive set-up made of different light bulbs, neon, remote controls, LEDs, and a dimmer, we experienced the zeitgeist by closing a cycle that involved popular culture and contemporary art. Lightwaves was on tour for some years from No Art Gallery and Mediateca Santa Teresa in Milan to MoMa PS1 and Location One in New York, MoCa and Duolun Museum in Shanghai, Ikra club in Moscow, then in other locations as Kunstlerhaus in Stuttgart, Link in Bologna, Flowers in Catania, Acusmatiq 2.0 in Ancona, Mayr 3 in Milano again, and Breakout music festival featuring Steve Piccolo in Genova in 2009." - Koo Editions. 

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